I work with monogamous people, non-monogamous, and polyamorous people. My hope for relationship therapy is that folks will increase their capacity to understand their partner’s (or partners’) inner world and feel like their own inner world is seen more clearly. My role in the room is to join in your relationship, learn about who you are, help identify patterns and circular conflict, and work with you all on ways to effectively communicate. I care deeply about each individual’s experience, needs, and desires and work to create space for them in the room.

I work to help folks navigate large transitions in their relationship, such as separation/divorce, having a child, understanding infidelity, changes in gender identity, and expanding sexual orientations. 

I have a particular focus on helping folks with their sex lives, with expertise in some areas: kink and BDSM, varying libidos, the process of opening a monogamous relationship to non-monogamy, polyamory and parenthood, developing comfort in identifying and asking for sexual needs and wants.

I offer relationship sessions for 50 or 90 minutes. See fees and policies.